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Appendix - Knowledge and Employability Courses Consent Form



Date _______ (dd) _________ (mm) ________ (yy)                   Name ____________________________________


School___________________________________                      Birthdate _______ (dd) _______ (mm) _______ (yy)


Parent /Guardian__________________________                       Grade____________


Address__________________________________                      Phone____________________________


This form is to be completed in collaboration with students, parents and school staff.


A)          Student  Classroom  Achievement  Information


    i    Please provide commentary on the child’s success in meeting the outcomes in the 4 core courses.



(reference General

and Specific Outcomes)



(reference Strands

and Outcomes)



(reference Units, Concepts and Skills)


Social Studies

(reference Topics

and Outcomes)



        ii.         Please provide the most recent Provincial Achievement Test results.

                    (Please identify a K n E Grade 9 PAT with an *)

Current Grade__________

ELA_________             Math_________              Science_________         Social Studies_________


        iii.         Please identify the most recent Grade Level of Achievement (GLA). Use “at” or “below”



ELA_________             Math_________              Science_________         Social Studies_________


        iv.         Please provide other relevant course achievement information and/or teacher commentary.


B)            Student Assessment - Minimum Level A or B Testing

               Assessment/s will be updated as necessary.  Please provide any Standardized Assessment data.


Date:                                           Assessment Name:




Date:                                           Assessment Name:




Date:                                           Assessment Name:




C)      Special Education

         If applicable, please provide any special education history and information about this student.


         Attach relevant documents.


D)        Other Comments





E)      Recommendations for Placement

I/We agree with our child’s placement and consent to enroll our child in the Knowledge and                                                                                 Employability Course for the current school year ending in June __________.


Date___________________         Student                       ________________________________

Date___________________         Parent(s) /Guardian     ________________________________

Date___________________         Teacher                      ________________________________

Date___________________         Principal                     ________________________________