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Appendix II - Request for Non-Resident Student to Attend a Northern Gateway Public School


SECTION A                                                                              NAME OF STUDENT: ________________________


Principal of School Requested:


Name of school:_____________________                                  Name of Principal:  ___________________________


1.   Discussion with parents/legal guardians:                                                                   ________________________


2.   Educational rationale identified by parents/legal guardians: ________________________________________


3.   The Principal gathers the following information:

  • student/child is living with parent(s) or legal guardian (proof provided):                         __ Yes        __ No
  • this student/child has been identified as having special learning needs or challenges:   __ Yes        __ No


  • this student/child has been expelled from another jurisdiction:                                     __ Yes        __ No
  • name of previous school/school division this student/child was registered:  __________________________


4.   The Principal reviews the following:

  • a program which addresses the needs of the student/child is available at the

        requested school in Northern Gateway Public Schools:                                                __ Yes           __ No


  • space is available at the requested school:                                                                    __ Yes           __ No
  • resources are available at the requested school:                                                             __ Yes           __ No
  • parents/legal guardians assume responsibility for daily transportation of their

        student/child to and from the school:                                                                          __ Yes           __ No

___________________________________                                                               ________________________

Signature of parents/legal guardians                                                                         Date

      5.   If necessary, prior to finalizing a decision, consultation may occur with the

            Director of Learning Services or, if applicable, the Coordinator of Student

            Services.                                                                                                       ________________________


      6.    Principal recommendations:                                                                         __ Accepted           __ Denied

_________________________________                                                                     ________________________

Signature of Principal                                                                                                  Date




Revised July 2010