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Three-Year Education Planning and Reporting


Planning in education is an essential part of ensuring that all students have equitable opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing citizens.  Planning ensures resources for education are used in the best possible ways to meet the educational needs of Alberta’s young people.

The Division plan outlines priorities for student learning in the Division, guides budget development, and forms the basis for reporting on progress and achievement.

The Division is required by Alberta Education to prepare an education plan that aligns with the Alberta Education Three-Year Business Plan and focuses on student learning over a three-year period. Plans are updated annually so that, as one year is completed and another is added, the plan continues in a three-year time frame. 


  1. System Planning Guidelines
    1. The mission, values and vision of the Division will provide overall direction for system planning.
    2. The planning process will recognize any corporate priorities identified by the Board.
    3. The actions and endeavours of the Division and its schools must be guided by sound planning processes. The planning process must provide ample opportunity for input and meaningful involvement by persons from stakeholder groups.  Formal processes for the system to develop, revise and extend its Three-Year Education Plan that identify priorities, along with predetermined courses of action, outcomes, measures, strategies and timelines for task completion will be developed each year.
  2. Three-Year Education Plan:  A Division education plan that meets local needs and fulfills provincial accountability requirements will be developed and implemented.
    1. The Division education plan will be kept current to ensure focused, efficient and effective change and improvements.
    2. The Division education plan will be updated annually with provision for ongoing input into the revision process by schools, School Councils, parents, teachers, students and community stakeholders.
    3. The body of the plan will include the following elements:  Mission, Vision, Beliefs, Jurisdictional Profile, Planning Process, Goals, Outcomes, Strategies, Performance Measures, Targets, Budget Highlights, Capital and Facilities Plans, and other elements deemed important by the Board and  Alberta Education.
    4. The Division will include the provincially mandated priority areas with strategies and measures.
    5. The Division may include other strategies and measures in the plan reflecting local needs.
    6. Progress reports on the Division education plan will be presented to the Board as deemed necessary.
    7. The Superintendent will:
      1. Develop a plan, annual or multi-year, and implementation schedule for the evaluation of teachers, students, and programs consistent with the requirements of Alberta Education and Division policy.
      2. Report the results of the assessments and provide recommendations for improvement annually to the Board for inclusion in the subsequent Education Plan.
    8. The Division education plan will be consistent with the provincial funding framework.
    9. The Superintendent will:
      1. Submit the plan to the Board for approval;
      2. Ensure that the Division Three-Year Plan is submitted to Alberta Education in a form and at a time that meets requirements;
      3. Prepare a news release advertising the initiatives to be undertaken during the upcoming school year; and 
      4. Make provision for distribution of the Three-Year Plan and placement on the Division website. 


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Revised January 2014