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School Council Conflict Resolution


The Division recognizes that conflicts may arise among School Council members, between the School Council and the wider community, or between the School Council and the school staff.

It is expected that cooperative and collaborative approaches to settling disputes will resolve the vast majority of disagreements. To ensure consistency and to protect the rights of students, parents and staff, the Division provides a clear and straightforward process based on the principles of natural justice so people know how to proceed if a conflict arises. 


  1. The following steps are to be followed when conflicts involving School Council members arise:
    1. Attempt to resolve the conflict at the local level.
    2. If the conflict is among School Council members, and the Principal is not directly involved, the Principal shall attempt to have the Council focus on resolving the conflict among them.
    3. If the conflict is between the School Council and the wider community, the principal, in consultation with members of the School Council and members of the community, shall establish a committee to develop recommendations for the resolution of the conflict.  The committee shall consist of three or five persons including parents, at least one teacher and/or a member of the administration.
    4. If the conflict is between the School Council and the school staff, proceed to Procedure 2.
  2. If a conflict fails to be resolved at the local level, the parties may appeal in writing to the Superintendent for a resolution.
    1. Within ten school days of the official referral, the Superintendent shall render a decision that resolves the conflict, or a decision on a plan for resolving the conflict, including timelines and defined outcomes.  The plan may involve appointing a mediator.


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Board Policy 2 Role of the Board

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Revised April 2020

Reviewed February 2017