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School Year


The Division believes in establishing a common Division school year to accommodate the effective delivery of the education program. 


  1. The Superintendent will recommend to the Board for approval the minimum instructional hours for each school year at each grade level.
  2. The Superintendent will recommend a common Division school year, in consultation with schools, School Councils and other affected jurisdictions, for Board approval.
  3. The Superintendent will ensure that the school year includes sufficient days to accommodate the minimum instructional hours at each grade level.
  4. In addition to the required instructional time, the calendar must include the following days:
    1. One (1) Staff Planning and Development day for opening of the school year;
    2. One (1) Staff Planning and Development day for closing of the school year;
    3. Parent-Teacher interview days or days in-lieu;
    4. Semester break (if needed);
    5. Two (2) Teachers’ Convention days.
  5. Principals are encouraged to consider the need for appropriate recess breaks, breaks between classes, lengths of classes, etc. when constructing the daily schedule.
  6. A request to the Superintendent to modify the approved school year must include the following:
    1. Rationale for the modification to the official school year;
    2. Effect on busing and other schools;
    3. Number of instructional hours;
    4. Length of school day;
    5. Number of operational days; and
    6. Other considerations.
  7. Early school closure time is not instructional time. 


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Board Policy 2 Role of the Board

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Reviewed February 2017

Revised March 2020