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Personal Electronic Devices


The Division recognizes the openness to new and future technologies, and their educated use to create opportunities for many constructive and positive uses that can aid the instructional process. Further, regulated use of some personal electronic devices in the school and community may contribute to the safety and security of students and staff. However, unregulated use of such devices may pose a risk to personal safety; may disrupt instruction; may invade personal privacy and may compromise academic integrity.


  1. Handheld communication devices, cell phones and other electronic devices are not to be used during regular school hours unless the Principal has granted written permission.
  2. Principals are required to communicate school expectations.
  3. In certain situations, the Principal may choose to restrict possession to student lockers.


Sections 12, 60, 61, 113 School Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Canadian Criminal Code

A.T.A. Code of Professional Conduct

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised January 2014