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Advertising/Soliciting On School Property


The Division recognizes that schools, while wishing to maintain positive relations with the greater community, are often under pressure to accommodate commercial, political, or religious interests.

The Division believes that public access to schools is to be for the purpose of enhancing the students’ education and the school culture.  The Division acknowledges its responsibility to parents and to the schools to ensure that students and staff are not subjected as a captive audience to advertising or canvassing of a commercial, political, or religious nature. 


  1. Advertising on school property is to be discouraged and the Principal shall exercise discretionary authority over any advertising requests.
  2. The Division is the corporate entity and, as such, schools cannot enter into contracts with commercial advertisers without Superintendent or Board approval.
  3. Advertising on contracted school buses is prohibited.
  4. No person shall be admitted to the school to promote the sale of goods and services without the approval of the Principal or Superintendent.
  5. The Principal may approve the attendance at school of a representative of a political party where the educational program of the school would be enhanced.  The Principal shall try to ensure that all individual representatives shall have similar opportunities.
  6. The names and addresses of students, teachers, and staff members shall not be released or furnished to unauthorized persons.
  7. Schools are encouraged, on an optional basis, to provide experiences intended to enhance student understanding and appreciation of the role, purposes and activities of charitable organizations.  Requests by charitable organizations for permission to distribute materials to schools are made to the Principal. 


Sections 33, 52, 53, 55, 197, 222, 256 Education Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised August 2020

Reviewed February 2017