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Flag Protocol


Principals and appropriate Division Office personnel shall ensure the Canadian flag and the Alberta flag are displayed at schools and other Division facilities.


  1. All schools shall prominently display the Canadian and Alberta flags.
  2. All Division-owned school sites and schools shall display the Canadian flag on an external flag pole. When a school chooses to fly more than one (1) flag outside, each flag requires its own flagpole.
  3. General
    1. The Canadian and Alberta flags shall be displayed at all public functions held in the schools.
    2. When a flag becomes tattered, torn or faded to the extent that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it shall be turned over to the 
      Director of Maintenance for proper disposal.
    3. Flags shall be displayed in accordance with the general protocol as set out by the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta.
  4. The Principal shall:
    1. Purchase flags, as required, for the school.
    2. Display the Canadian and Alberta flags in accordance with this procedure.
    3. Communicate the reason for half-masting of flags to students and staff.
  5. Principals may display flags in other areas within the school at his or her discretion.
  6. Placement of the flags shall be such that, when displayed with other provincial or national flags, the 
    Canadian flag is always placed at the same height as the other, and to the left as viewed by an observer facing both flags.
  7. At the direction of the Superintendent or designate flags may be flown at half-mast:
    1. Upon the death of a current student, staff member or trustee at specified sites.
    2. for a period commencing from notification by the Superintendent or designate up to and including the day of the funeral, at the site(s) specified.
    3. Upon direction to do so by the Government of Alberta.
  8. Current rules for flying flags are available on the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta websites.


Sections 26, 50, 60, 61, 113 School Act

Ministerial Order 004/98

General rules for flying and displaying the Canadian Flag and other flags in Canada

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised August 2018