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Trespassers At School


Any persons who enter school grounds or buildings at any time without permission or reasonable excuse may be considered to be trespassers.  


Procedures governing trespasses occurring at schools are as follows:

  1. Appropriate signs in main entrances are to request all visitors to report to the office.
  2. The Principal or designate is to verbally advise trespassers that they are considered to be trespassers and ask them to leave the premises immediately.
  3. If they refuse to comply, they are to be advised that action will be taken against them if they do not leave at once and that any further entry onto the school grounds or into the buildings will be reported to the proper authorities.
  4. If any trespassers refuse to leave or if they leave when requested but re-appear on another day, the police are to be called to remove the trespassers.
  5. If the police are not available but immediate action is required because school proceedings are being disrupted, as in such extreme cases as fights, or damage being inflicted on school property, the Principal or designate can remove the trespasser.  No more force than is necessary shall be used when evicting a trespasser.
  6. Once a trespasser has been evicted, the Principal may take further action by pressing charges and shall advise the Superintendent.


Sections 20, 27, 60, 61, 113, 227 School Act

Petty Trespass Act

Section 41, 42, 171, 235 Criminal Code of Canada

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Reviewed February 2017