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Emergency/Disaster Plans


Each site shall develop and renew annually a plan to provide for the safety of students and staff in an emergency situation.


  1. In an emergency, the Principal/site supervisor shall make the final decision regarding site evacuations and if possible, shall consult with the Superintendent.
  2. During emergency situations involving a site, the Superintendent shall normally coordinate all communications with the media.
  3. Each Principal must develop and keep current an Emergency Response Plan.
  4. At the beginning of each school year, the Principal shall ensure that the Emergency Response Plan is reviewed with staff and updated if needed.
  5. Every incidence involving weapons will be treated very seriously by notifying the R.C.M.P. forthwith and following the advice of the police.
  6. When the municipality declares a state of local emergency, the Municipal Disaster Plan will be implemented.
  7. The Principal shall establish, in accordance with legislative and code requirements and in consultation with the local Fire Department, a program and procedures to ensure prompt and orderly evacuation of the school in the event of an emergency.
  8. This program shall include at a minimum:
    1. The development of written school evacuation procedures;
    2. The posting of primary and secondary evacuation routes for each room;
    3. A minimum of six (6) drills per school year to train staff and students in evacuation procedures;
    4. Periodic reviews with staff and students of the procedure; and
    5. Problems experienced and follow up action taken.
  9. The Principal shall cooperate fully with local fire authorities to ensure that Fire Department requirements and inspection recommendations are implemented in a forthright manner.
  10. Each Principal is required, in consultation with the community, to have in place:
    1. Evacuation drill procedures;
    2. Adequate numbers of staff trained in the operation of school emergency plans to facilitate effective decision making in the absence of the Principal; and
    3. Specific procedures regarding school emergency plans, both internal and external.


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Disaster Services Act

Section 3, Government Emergency Planning Regulation

Board Policy 1 Division Foundational Statements

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Reviewed January 2014