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Division Records


A Records Management program will be maintained to provide control over the quality and quantity of information produced by the Division, from its creation until its disposal, for legal, fiscal and historical purposes. Proper custody, storage and disposal of records shall comply with statutory requirements.

The Division believes in maintaining accurate and secure records.


  1. Records management covers a broad spectrum of records such as accounting, purchasing, corporate, insurance, personnel, property and student records.
  2. The Records Management program shall consist of a Subject File Classification Guide and a Retention and Disposal Schedule.
  3. Departments and schools shall be responsible for the filing of records according to the Classification Guide, and for the disposal of records in accordance with the Retention and Disposal Schedule.
  4. Electronic records must conform in the same manner as hard copy records.
  5. The Retention and Disposal Schedule shall be consistent with federal and provincial legislation.
    1. Records to be retained until any such time that the Division ceases operations include:
      1. Original Board minutes and bylaws
      2. Board election and by-election results
      3. Annual Education Results Reports
      4. Architectural blueprints/building specifications, design and construction reports, facility construction contracts and construction progress reports
      5. Division land titles, easements and leases
      6. Division capital submissions
      7. Division budgets and audited financial statements
      8. Teacher Retirement Fund Annual Report
      9. ATA Grievances
    2. Records to be retained twenty (20) years after termination of employment or retirement or until employee reaches age seventy (70) of existing and separated Division staff include:
      1. Payroll/Personnel files
    3. Records to be retained for varying lengths of time are listed in Administrative Procedure 185 Appendix.
    4. Destruction of Records
      1. Each school/department is responsible for properly packaging and labeling the records stored at the Division Office and for advising the Division Office annually of records to be shredded.
    5. Electronic data records shall be formatted to be deleted.
    6. The Division Subject File Classification Guide and Retention Schedule is to be updated annually or as required.
    7. The following records and documents will be kept on file at the Division Office and be made available to electors upon request:
      1. Approved minutes of all regular Board meetings;
      2. Records of the proceedings of all Board committee meetings;
      3. The annual budget approved by the Board;
      4. All legal agreements entered into by the Board (exclusive of student or employee records or contracts);
      5. Records of the status of all Board accounts;
      6. Audited financial statements for previous year’s operations; and
      7. The agenda of any public meeting or Board meeting.
  6. An appropriate per page photocopying charge will be levied to any elector requesting copies of the above noted documents.
  7. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the maintenance of required minutes and records.
  8. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for establishing and implementing procedures to respond to requests from electors for public documents and records.


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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Reviewed February 2017