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Software Licensing


To assure a fair return to the authors of software programs, the Division shall comply with the copyright laws and any usage agreements that are applicable to the acquisition of software programs. Copyright laws allow the duplication of back-up copies for use when a program is lost or damaged.


  1. No software shall be copied onto or used on Division computers unless the specific license for the application has been purchased or it can be proved that the purchase of a license for the application at that site has been initiated.
  2. The responsibility to ensure that only legally licensed software applications are in use lies with the Principal.
  3. Any fines levied against the Division for use of unlicensed software applications shall be applied directly against the budget of the school or department being fined.
  4. Any software packages that do not require specific licenses (such as Shareware, Freeware, etc.) must be accompanied by supporting documentation certifying the same.
  5. Service and support personnel employed by the Division shall not service equipment that includes illegally acquired software.
  6. Copies of all software licenses must be kept on file by the Principal and included on the inventory listing.
  7. The responsibility for approval of installing software on Division computers rests with the network administrator.
  8. The Division may conduct software audits as deemed necessary.


Sections 20, 60, 61, 113 School Act

Copyright Act

Copyright Regulations

Access Copyright Agreement

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Reviewed January 2014