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Outreach Programs


An outreach program provides an educational alternative for students who, due to individual circumstances, find that the traditional school setting does not meet their needs. The program allows students to access resources that improve their ability to succeed academically and socially. A flexible approach is taken to teaching and learning in recognition of individual student needs. Outreach programs serve students of junior and senior high school age.


  1. The administration of each outreach school will rest with the designated Principal. The Principal shall ensure that each outreach school will:
    1. Focus on those students who are unable to attend or benefit from the traditional educational programming by providing a flexible approach to teaching and learning recognizing individual student needs.
    2. Outreach Programs will follow the Alberta Education Program of Study.
    3. Provide an alternative educational environment as defined for students requiring a program designed to meet their unique needs and circumstances.
      1. Structure attendance procedures and expectations to meet the needs and circumstances of each individual student.
      2. Ensure that the pace of student learning will be a collaborative process to meet the needs and circumstances of each individual student.
      3. Ensure that learner goals will be established collaboratively to meet the needs and circumstances of each individual student.
      4. If a student is not experiencing success in an Outreach Program, his/her program will be reviewed and modified, or other programs explored.
    4. Provide students access to a variety of resources that improve their ability to succeed in their academic goals.
    5. The Outreach Program will provide students with enhanced educational services that are in addition to distance education and materials. Examples of such services are personal and career counselling, conflict resolution, anger management training, gifted and talented programs, time management training and study skills.
    6. Meet the legislative and policy requirements of operating a school.
    7. Ensure that students are meeting the standards of performance consistent with those established by Alberta Education and the Division.


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Outreach Programs Handbook               

Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised August 2020

Reviewed July 2010