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Locally Developed/Acquired Courses


The local development of school courses to be responsive to local community and student needs, interests, and abilities, or to provide for innovative practices is supported.


  1. The Superintendent shall:
    1. Recommend to the Board approval of all locally developed/acquired courses at the elementary, junior and senior high level for a maximum duration of three (3) years;
    2. Inform Alberta Education regarding approved senior high courses;
    3. Maintain a current list of approved courses.
  2. Locally developed courses must be submitted for approval to the Superintendent or designate.  A list of locally developed courses shall be included as an addendum to the School Education Plan.
  3. Before a locally developed high school course is submitted to the Superintendent or designate for approval, the course outline must be reviewed with Learning Services prior to being forwarded to the Alberta Education Curriculum Branch for review regarding overlap with provincially authorized curriculum
  4. Courses proposed as locally developed middle years complimentary courses must be reviewed with Learning Services prior to being submitted to the   Superintendent or designate for approval.
  5. The description for locally developed/authorized courses must include the following elements:
    1. The name of the school authority and school;
    2. The name of the proposed course;
    3. The grade(s) at which it will be offered;
    4. The philosophy or rationale to the course;
    5. The instructional time assigned to the course;
    6. A statement of the intended learner outcomes for the course, a summary of the course content, including major topics;
    7. The assessment standards for the course;
    8. A statement regarding the extent of overlap, if any, with an existing provincially approved program of studies;
    9. Prerequisite(s) for the course are identified by course name/sequence or series;
    10. Special facilities, spaces or equipment required to teach the course;
    11. Information regarding how identified controversial or sensitive course components/issues will be treated at the school; and
    12. Risk assessment and identification of health and safety hazards of staff and students including strategies for addressing or mitigating those risks and hazards.
  6. All such courses identified in (4) and (5) above must meet all criteria established in policy by Alberta Education.
  7. Locally authorized courses must not duplicate provincially authorized courses.
  8. The Superintendent or designate is responsible for overseeing the implementation and monitoring of locally developed courses.


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Reviewed July 2010