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Home Education


The Division recognizes and accepts the right of a parent to educate a child or children through home education and it further accepts its responsibility to provide for the supervision of home education programs for its resident students.

The Division also recognizes and accepts that it has a responsibility to provide to each student an education program consistent with the requirements of education set out by the Minister.


  1. Principals of schools providing home education programming are responsible for ensuring that:
    1. A parent/student information handbook regarding home education shall be kept current and made available to parents on request, and it shall include the required Home Education Regulation A.R. 145/2006 Notification Form and a template for the parent's use in completing a written program plan.
    2. Home education students are supervised by certificated staff.  Supervision must include at least two evaluations of the student’s learning in each year.
    3. Students in home education programs at levels equivalent to grades 6 and 9 write the provincial achievement test or an alternative test that reflects standards similar to those in provincial achievement tests.
    4. Parents are annually informed that funding in the amount of 50% of the provincial home education grant will be available to assist parents in defraying costs incurred by the parent for resources related to the home education program, provided the parent provides receipts showing how the money was spent.
    5. Such funding assistance declined by the parent or any portion unspent shall not accumulate beyond the school year in which it was accessed by the parent.
    6. Parents receive communication regarding the possible limitations of a home education program, including the difficulty home education students may have in accessing high school credits where the courses of study have not been those approved by the Minister.
    7. Notwithstanding (1.6) above, the school providing home education programming shall endeavor to provide consultative and resource based support to home education parents and students, as may be necessary in individual circumstances.
    8. At the discretion of the Principal a home education student may participate in selected educational programs at the school and use selected educational services of the jurisdiction as outlined in the Home Education Handbook, an appendix to this administrative procedure.
    9. Home education students shall be allowed to enroll in Work Experience, Dual Credit, Registered Apprenticeship Programs or Green Certificate Programs provided they are under the supervision of a certificated teacher of the Division.
  2. The Superintendent or designate may terminate a home education program where either the student or the parent has not met the necessary requirements, provided the reasons for the termination are provided in writing to the parent and the student, if the student is sixteen years of age or older.  This notice must also include notification of the parent's right to ask the Minister to review the decision to terminate the program.


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Individual’s Rights Protection Act

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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised February 2019