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Right of Access to Education


In accordance with the Education Act (section 3), the Division provides education programming for resident students who at September 1 in a year are between six (6) and nineteen (19) years of age.

Additionally, the Division provides Early Childhood Services for students younger than six (6) years of age and access to learning opportunities for students who are older than nineteen (19) years younger than twenty (20) years on September 1 of the year in which the student is enrolled.



  1.  Kindergarten
    1. A child who will be five (5) years of age on or before December 31 of the current school year shall be eligible for entrance to the Kindergarten programs.
  2. Notwithstanding regular Kindergarten enrollment, a child with special needs may be enrolled in an Early Childhood Services program at an earlier age, as per Alberta Education regulations and Administrative Procedure 210 Early Childhood Services.
  3. Grade 1
    1. A resident child who will be six (6) years of age on or before December 31 of the current school year shall be eligible for entrance to Grade 1.
  4. High School
    1. It is expected that the majority of students shall complete high school within three (3) years of enrolling in grade 10. Students less than twenty (20) years of age on December 1 of a school year and wishing to enroll for an additional year or years shall be accommodated in one of the Division's Outreach Schools.
  5. Notwithstanding section (3) above, a Principal of a senior high school may enroll a student in an additional year or years if, in his/her opinion:
    1. Space and/or resources at the school are available to meet the student's needs, and/or;
    2. The student presents special needs or circumstances that cannot be addressed through other alternatives.


  1. For admission to any Division school, the parent or independent student shall submit a completed registration form that established:
    1. Legal name,
    2. Birth date/age,
    3. Citizenship, and
    4. Residence, as defined in, and in accordance with, the Education Act (section 4).
  2. Legal name and proof of age shall be verified by the Principal through reference to one (1) of a birth certificate, a passport or a certified copy of birth registration.
  3. Every effort shall be made to obtain proper verification of legal name and age.
    1. The parent or guardian may make a statutory declaration regarding the student's legal name and age on condition that acceptable verification is provided within three (3) months.
  4. Legal documents confirming guardianship shall be presented prior to registration.


Sections 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, 22, 23, 31, 32, 196 Education Act

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