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Attendance of Non-Alberta Students


The Division supports the attendance of students from other provinces and territories of Canada and other countries as a means of fostering national and international goodwill and providing valuable learning experiences for participants, guests and hosts.


  1. Exchange Students
    1. An exchange student refers to:
      1. A student from another province or territory in Canada who is involved in an                                exchange for up to on e school year with a Division student; 
      2. A student from a foreign country who is involved in an exchange for up to                                  one year with a Division student.
  2. Non-Exchange Students
    1. Canadian Non-Exchange Student refers to:
      1. A student whose parents, natural or adoptive, reside in a province or             territory                               of Canada, except Alberta; or
      2. Whose legal guardian resides in a province or territory of Canada, except                                    Alberta.
    2. A Foreign Non-Exchange student refers to:
      1. A student who attends school under a student visa issued by the                                                Government of Canada; and
      2. Whose parents, natural or adoptive, do not reside in Canada; or
      3. Whose legal guardian does not reside in Canada. 


  1. Admittance a Non-Alberta Student
    1. Non-Alberta students applying for admission to the Division shall forward to the Principal:
      1. The established tuition and applicable fees;
      2. Proof of legal name and date of birth; and
      3. Any other requested information. 
    2. The Principal shall decide acceptance of a non-Alberta student based on the following criteria:
      1. There is space available within the school and/or classes;
      2. The applicant has obtained the necessary permission from immigration authorities to reside in Canada; 
      3. Suitable local accommodations for the student have been arranged;
      4. Arrangements for payment of the international student tuition fee have been made; and
      5. All other normal requirements for enrolment (e.g.  age) have been satisfied.
  2. Admittance of an Exchange Student
    1. A foreign exchange student must possess a student visa.
    2. The school must have available space and a suitable program.
    3. An exchange student shall not be charged tuition, but shall be charged the same school fees as paid by resident students.  (Includes costs for language assistance, supplemental special needs educational programming and supplies/materials.)
  3. Admittance of Canadian Non-Exchange Students
    1. The school must have available space and a suitable program.
    2. A non-exchange student is required to pay a tuition fee as set by the Board annually.
  4. Admittance of Foreign Non-Exchange Students
    1. Foreign non-exchange students, who pay the applicable foreign student tuition fee as set by the Board annually, may be admitted to a Division school; provided that the school has available space and has a suitable program.
    2. The Principal must be satisfied that the student is a worthy candidate including:
      1. Having satisfactory language facility; and
      2. Being prepared to meet attendance and conduct regulations.
  5. Fees for all non-exchange students will be based on the number of days enrolled divided by 200 days and multiplied by the applicable tuition fee:
    1. This tuition fee will be payable at the time of application;
    2. A processing fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be retained should a registration be cancelled before classes commence; and
    3. The tuition fee may not be refunded if a student discontinues attendance after classes commence.
  6. Principals are responsible for Student Exchange Programs in their schools and shall ensure that an international student’s programming is appropriate.
  7. The Superintendent will recommend fees for Board approval for all non-exchange students.
  8. In the case where non-exchange students submit a written application to attend a Division school, the application shall be accompanied by the fee as outlined in this procedure.
  9. The Principal, examining a student exchange or a student’s enrolment in the school, will carry out a review of proof of eligibility and a review of program suitability according to Division    policy and procedures.
  10. The Principal will respond with a letter of acceptance or non-acceptance.
  11. Annually, no later than March 1, the Superintendent shall recommend for Board approval a tuition fee for non-Alberta students (see Appendix to Administrative Procedure 505).
  12. The Superintendent shall levy a supplementary tuition fee if a non-Alberta student is placed in a special needs program.


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Revised July 2010