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Out-of-Division Program Sponsorship


On occasion, special student needs require resident students to be enrolled in a program which is not readily accessible within the Division.

The Division may sponsor a resident student to attend an out-of-Division educational program if a program that meets the educational needs of the student is not offered in the school or Division.


  1. Sponsorship may include partial or complete costs associated with tuition fees, transportation and/or boarding allowances.  Tuition fees may be considered, providing the program is not operated by a Board or private school being funded by Alberta Education.
  2. Decisions related to sponsorship of out-of-Division programs will take into account the academic needs of the child as the primary consideration.
  3. Programs eligible for sponsorship include but are not limited to:
    1. Special education programs;
    2. Vocational education programs; and
    3. Knowledge and Employability Courses.
  4. Programs not eligible for sponsorship include:
    1. Sports or athletic programs;
    2. Programs readily accessible within the Division; and
    3. International baccalaureate programs.
  5. Decisions made regarding sponsorship for out-of-Division sponsorships may be appealed to the Board.
  6. The Superintendent is responsible for approving out-of-Division sponsorships in accordance with the preceding procedures.  Costs will be allocated to the appropriate school-based and Division accounts.
  7. The Superintendent will inform the Board of each decision.


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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised July 2010