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Supervision of Students


The Division has responsibility for the safety and security of students while those students are in its care and custody.


  1. Principals are responsible for effective supervision of students under their care during all school and school-related activities.
  2. Principals shall formulate procedures pertaining to the supervision of students during:
    1. times when students begin to assemble for school until their dismissal from school;
    2. morning and afternoon breaks and recesses;
    3. times when students are present either for lunch or other similar activities;
    4. when students are transported by school buses;
    5. extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school on the school grounds, in school buildings, or away from school; and
    6. during adverse weather conditions when students are at school.
  3. Principals shall co-operate with and assist the community in assuring the orderly and safe conduct of students on the way to and from school.
  4. Teachers are responsible for the general supervision of students while they are at school.  Specific supervisory duties shall be assigned by the Principal to ensure the safety of the school community and to allow for a shared responsibility.
  5. All school staff, in order to prevent accidents, shall be constant in their attention to unsafe conditions involving equipment, buildings, and school premises.  Care is to be taken to ensure unsafe conditions are immediately reported to the Principal.
  6. During instructional time, student supervision is the responsibility of the classroom teacher.
  7. The organization of a school or schools may involve parent volunteers for various supervisory duties.  Such supervisory duties shall be authorized by the Principal, in consultation with the Superintendent or designate.  Parents, in all cases, shall be informed of their duties as supervisors.


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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised September 2017