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Appendix I - Sample Letter to the School Community


(School Letterhead)


Dear Parent/Guardian:

I am writing to advise that there will be a Service Dog arriving in our school to assist one of our students.

This Service Dog is a highly trained companion and is able to assist in many of the daily school routines and activities which may pose challenges for this student.  Service Dogs are comparable to Guide Service Dogs and are included in aspects of the student’s life at home and at school.  The child’s right to have a Service Dog is protected under Alberta Human Rights legislation and the Service Dogs Act, and implementation is defined by Northern Gateway Regional Division No. 10 policy.

There will be information sessions for all school staff and students to ensure a smooth integration of the Service Dog into our daily routines.  All of our students and staff will be instructed as to the proper procedure regarding interactions with this dog as it is a working Service Dog and not a pet while at school.  The provision of a Service Dog will be a significant benefit to the student, and we look forward to a lot of growth and learning together.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and interest.  Should you have any questions please review the Northern Gateway Regional Division No. 10 Service Dog Administrative Procedure 314 online at or contact me directly.



cc:        Superintendent

            Classroom Teacher

            Student Services Coordinator



Created April 2014