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Student Attendance


Regular school attendance contributes significantly to academic success; consequently, monitoring of attendance is vital and must represent a cooperative endeavour of the students, parents, teachers, counsellors and school administrators.

In general, the responsibility for the supervision of student attendance shall rest with administrative personnel at each school and it shall form part of the school policy.  School policy relative to attendance shall be filed with the Superintendent.  Any changes to the school policy must be forwarded to the Superintendent within two weeks of the amendments being adopted by the school.


  1. Regular attendance of students under the age of sixteen is compulsory.  The attendance of students over this age must comply with the guidelines and procedures established by the Principal and approved by the Superintendent.
  2. Attendance data will be included on each student’s report card and included in his/her permanent cumulative file.
  3. School policies and procedures will conform with legislative and regulatory requirements and be consistent with procedures outlined in 4.1 to 4.5 below.
  4. Responsibilities for student attendance will be shared by the following parties:
    1. Students
      1. Students will maintain regular class attendance; and
      2. In the event of an absence, students will be required to provide an explanation of the reason for the absence.
    2. Parents or Guardians
      1. Parents will be expected to encourage their children to maintain regular school attendance.
      2. In the event of an absence, the parents will be responsible for providing and explanation for the child’s absence.
    3. Teachers
      1. Teacher responsibilities for student attendance will require:
        1. Maintenance of accurate student attendance records;
        2. Communication with parents;
        3. Regular reporting to school administrators of student absences both explained and unexplained;
        4. Reporting to school administrators any suspected cases of students involved in truancy while on field trip(s) or extracurricular activities; such notification to be supplied as required in school policy.
    4. School Administrators
      1. Administrative responsibilities for student attendance will include:
        1. The development of a school student attendance policy as outlined in this administrative procedure.
        2. The distribution, collection, and record keeping of attendance forms.
        3. Expediting, as necessary, referrals to the school counsellors and/or the Division’s Attendance Officer.
        4. The establishment and execution of appropriate communications (verbal and written) between the school and the home regarding attendance and attendance problems.
    5. Counsellors
      1. School administrators will make referral of students to appropriate counselors when it is deemed that the absences from school suggest personal, social or emotional problems.
    6. Attendance Officer
      1. Take the action he/she deems appropriate, notifying the parent/student of the action/concern.
      2. Advise the Board with respect to referring problem situations to the Provincial Attendance Board.


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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised July 2010