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Reporting Student Performance to Students and Parents


A student’s performance must be regularly reported to the student and parents.


  1. Principals shall consult with teachers and the School Council in the development of the school’s student performance reporting system.
  2. The Principal must ensure reporting according to the following minimum requirements:
    1. Kindergarten to Grade 8 – three (3) per year;
    2. Grades 9 to 12
      • Non semestered courses – four (4) per year;
      • Semestered courses – two (2) per semester.
  3. The Principal will make available, to the students and parents, the following performance information:
    1. The student’s achievement relative to the curriculum requirements of the program; and
    2. The student’s attitude and effort.
  4. Reporting, for students in special education programs shall be as per objectives and goals of their Individual Program Plans:
    1. Substantiating student progress through carefully documented records.


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Board Policy 1 Division Foundational Statements

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised July 2010