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Analysis of Achievement and Diploma Exam Results


Student achievement is enhanced through analyzing Provincial Achievement Test and/or Diploma Examination results.


  1. The analysis of Provincial Achievement tests by schools shall follow the Alberta Education Guidelines for Interpreting and Using the Results of Achievement Tests distributed with the annual achievement test results.
  2. The analysis of Diploma examinations by schools shall follow the Alberta Education Guidelines for Interpreting and Using the Results of the Diploma Examinations that accompany the diploma examinations results.
  3. The Principal and staff shall collaborate in the interpretation and analysis of the results of Diploma Examination and Provincial Achievement Tests.
  4. Caution is advised in interpreting the results for classes of less than twenty-five (25) students.
  5. The Principal shall present an action plan, following the analysis, to the Superintendent at the Annual Education Results Review and to the School Council.
    1. The written report for the Superintendent will include interpretation of the results and action plans to address areas of weakness.
  6. The role of the teacher will include:
    1. To contribute to the development of the school report;
    2. To work with other teachers in the interpretation and analysis of test results;
    3. To develop recommendations and action plans for improved student learning; and
    4. To share the school results and action plans.
  7. The role of the Principal will include:
    1. To facilitate teacher input across all grades to develop a composite of variables that contribute to improved student performance;
    2. To establish school targets annually for each subject in relation to jurisdiction and provincial targets;
    3. To develop and implement a plan to improve student performance;
    4. To develop and implement a communication plan to share results with parents; and
    5. To develop the school report for submission to the Superintendent.


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Use and Reporting of Results on Provincial Assessments Policy 

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised July 2010