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School Involvement in Graduation Activities


School involvement in high school graduation activities is encouraged to ensure that ceremonies are conducted in a manner consistent with the goals and objectives of the Division.

Based on good risk management practices, there shall be strict segregation of school staff and resources from any activities involved in the planning, staging or supervising of activities related to high school graduation where consumption of alcohol is involved.


  1. School division employees may not participate in the supervision of graduation activities where consumption of alcohol is permitted.
  2. In the event that there are activities where consumption of alcohol is permitted, it is necessary that school division employees excuse themselves from any such discussions, planning or activity.  Furthermore, any such discussions, planning or activity must not be permitted on school premises, the activity may not be held on school premises, and any such meetings may not be publicized through any involvement of the school or division.


AP 366 High School Graduation Ceremonies

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised July 2010