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Board Awarded Scholarships


The Board recognizes outstanding academic achievement of graduates through Joint Board/ATA Scholarship.

The Board also recognizes students in grade 7-12 with a pin for academic achievement.

The Board also recognizes outstanding, well-rounded students who have excelled in their school.  This award is to recognize students who exemplify the characteristics of an engaged thinker and ethical citizen with an entrepreneurial spirit.  It recognizes a student (in each junior high and senior high school) who is judged to have best fulfilled the criteria outlined below.


  1. Joint Board/ATA Scholarship
    1. Annually, one (1) Grade 12 student from each high school shall be awarded a scholarship of five hundred dollars ($500.00), jointly sponsored by the Board and the local ATA.
    2. The scholarship shall be awarded to the one (1) student from each high school identified as the recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Medal.
    3. To be eligible a student must complete Grade 12 by June of the scholarship year.  Final course averages shall be verified by the Superintendent’s office.
    4. The successful candidate must be enrolled in a full time post secondary education program at a recognized and accredited post secondary institution, within one (1) year of completing Grade 12.
  2. Honour Pins
    1. The Board will make available award pins to all students in grade 7-12 with honours in academics.
    2. Schools will decide how to determine honour students.
    3. The Board will purchase the honour pins.
  3. Northern Gateway Public Schools Award
    1. Annually, one junior high school (grade 7-9) student from each school shall be awarded an award of one hundred dollars ($100.00).
    2. Annually, one senior high school (grade 10-12) student from each school shall be awarded an award of five hundred dollars ($500.00).
    3. A student is eligible to receive the award once in junior high (grade 7-9) and once in senior high (grade 10-12).
    4. In addition to the monetary award, each successful candidate will receive a Certificate of Achievement, a Commemorative Medal and a book to be chosen by the Vice Chair of the Board or designate.
    5. Successful candidates must fulfill all criteria as follows:
      • take part in extracurricular activities
      • demonstrates positive leadership qualities
      • show interest and participate in school activities
      • be academically engaged in curricular studies
      • volunteer in order to enhance the community and/or school
      • act in a respectful manner towards self, others and the environment
    6. The successful candidate(s) in each school will be selected through a process developed by the school.


Sections 20, 60, 61, 113 School Act

Board Policy 2 Role of the Board

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised June 2015