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Personnel/Contractor Records


Confidential and appropriately managed files must be maintained for personnel and contractors.


  1. Division Office Files
    1. The Superintendent shall ensure that Division files normally include:
      1. Original employment application information;
      2. Copies of teaching or trade certificates;
      3. Verification of qualifications;
      4. Service records including placement and positions;
      5. Evaluation documents;
      6. Payroll data;
      7. Relevant personal data and contract information; and
      8. Any other correspondence related to the individual’s employment or contract service.
  2. School/Site Files
    1. The Principal/site supervisor shall ensure that school/site files include:
      1. Documentation relevant to the employee’s/contractor’s assignment/service;
      2. Copies of evaluation reports;
      3. Copies of correspondence with employee/contractor; and
      4. Any other relevant documents.
  3. Security of Files
    1. Employee/contractor files shall be kept in locked file cabinets or a secured area at all times.
    2. In all cases, the material in the files is confidential, with access limited to the Principal/Supervisor and appropriate Division Office staff.
    3. Site files of employee/contractors no longer employed with the Division shall be forwarded to the Division Office for storage.
  4. Maintenance of Files
    1. All files will be maintained in accordance with the Records and Retention manual.
    2. The employee/contractor shall ensure that his/her personal information is current.
  5. Access to Files
    1. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act must be adhered to when accessing files.
    2. Consent of the employee/contractor to disclose any personal information to any other individual or body shall be in writing, specify to whom the personal information may be disclosed and how it may be used.
    3. An individual employee/contractor may review his/her personnel file subject to the following conditions.
      1. A request for an appointment is to be made and confirmed.
      2. Such examination shall be in the presence of the Superintendent or designate.
      3. The personnel file is not to be removed from Division Office.
  6. Removal of Items from Employee/Contractor File
    1. Employees/Contractors may request in writing that specific items be removed from their file.
    2. Upon receipt of a written request that specific documents be removed, the Superintendent will render a decision within one (1) month.


Sections 60, 61, 113 School Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Access to Information Bulletin 3.2.5

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


June 2008