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Course Attendance - Financial Support


The Division recognizes the need to encourage staff to be life-long learners striving to improve their knowledge, skills and professional qualifications.

The Division will provide financial support for the payment of tuition or fees for the completion of courses that are directly related to a staff member’s assigned duties in accordance with this administrative procedure. 


  1. A staff member who successfully completes a pre-approved course shall be reimbursed by the Division:
    1. Up to a maximum of $500 per year for a full course;
    2. Up to a maximum of $250 per half year course, to an annual maximum of $500.
  2. The Division’s reimbursement to an employee for the completion of a course is not to exceed the actual costs of the course.
  3. The Superintendent is responsible for approving tuition fee reimbursements for staff attendance at courses and leaves of absence from assigned duties.
  4. Staff members must make application to the Superintendent in writing prior to the course registration deadline outlining:
    1. The dates that the course will be taken;
    2. The name of the course and a brief outline of its contents;
    3. The institution at which the course will be taken;
    4. The perceived value and relevance of the course;
    5. The estimated cost of tuition; and
    6. The amount of leave time required, if any.
  5. The Superintendent will review all course requests and will render a decision on requests no   later than two weeks prior to registration deadlines.  The Superintendent may approve reimbursement of all, part or none of the costs of tuition based upon the requirements of this administrative procedure.
  6. Reimbursement of fees will be paid only if the staff member provides satisfactory proof of successful completion. 


Sections 60, 61, 113 School Act                                                                                                                      

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Created July 2009