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Annual Employee Recognition


The Division believes in honouring the long-term service and achievements of its employees at an annual recognition evening, as per procedure 4.1.


  1. The Communications Committee of the Board will coordinate the Annual Recognition evening.
  2. For the purpose of this administrative procedure only:
    1. “Employee” shall refer to all staff in the Division;
    2. Employment, full or part-time, as defined in 2.6, shall be considered as active service to the Division;
    3. Service within the Division, as defined in 2.6, shall be counted, including service within the jurisdiction’s boundaries prior to regionalization;
    4. Years of service are cumulative, unless the employee resigns from the position or retires from the Division;
    5. Substitute service shall not be considered as qualifying service.
    6. Qualifying Service:
      1. Is accumulated based on ten (10) or twelve (12) months of employment;
      2. Is recognized as monthly service, which is defined as a minimum of point five (.5) of the monthly  work days, as established for each employee group; less than point five (.5) of the work days within the month for one’s employee group will not be recognized as qualifying service;
      3. For 10 month employees is accumulated within the current school year;
        • For 12 month employees is accumulated from the commencement of the school year to the day prior to the commencement of the next school year; and
      4. Unpaid leaves are not recognized.
    • The Communications Committee may consider exceptions to Procedure 2.
  3. Awards Presentation
    1. Presentations shall be made at the Annual Recognition evening. In an election year, the event shall take place before the trustee election date. Every recipient of an award, and others deemed appropriate, shall be given two (2) complimentary tickets to the Annual Recognition evening.
    2. The Superintendent will ensure that an up-to-date list of all Division employees is maintained detailing the years of qualifying service.
    3. The Superintendent will ensure the list of employees eligible for years of service recognition be provided to the appropriate sites for verification by the Principal or site supervisor. The list will be distributed in June.
    4. The Superintendent will budget on an annual basis the funds to be allocated for employee recognition.
  4. Years of Service Awards
    1. All employees shall be presented with years of service awards at the end of five (5) years of service and every five (5) years thereafter.



   This schedule shall be used as a guideline for purchasing, and may vary slightly as appropriate.

   Years of Service Awards

Year Value Type of Award
 5 Years  $50.00  Gift Card
 10 Years  $100.00  Gift Card
 15 Years  $150.00  Gift Card
 20 Years  $200.00  Gift Card
 25 Years  $250.00  Gift Card
 30 Years  $300.00  Gift Card
 35 Years  $350.00  Gift Card
 40 Years  $400.00  Gift Card
 45 Years  $450.00  Gift Card











5.     Retirement Awards

5.1          In addition to the Years of Service Awards, the Board presents Retirement Awards, provided that employees have a minimum of ten (10) years of service with the Division or upon the recommendation of the Communications Committee; and

5.2          Employees retiring from the Division shall be recognized during the Annual Employee Recognition evening with a Retirement Recognition at a flat rate of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00). Employees who retire in a year where they are scheduled to also receive a Service Award will receive both the Service Award and the Retirement Recognition flat rate.

6.     Extraordinary Recognition

6.1          Division employees who receive division/provincial/ national/international awards may also be recognized annually. Examples include but are not limited to:

6.1.1           Edwin Parr Award (Division Nominee); and

6.1.2           Excellence in Teaching Award (Provincial semi-finalist and/or finalist).

·         Extraordinary Awards – up to one hundred dollars ($100.00)


  • Sections 20, 60, 61, 113 School Act

Board Policy 2 Role of the Board

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised March 2020

Revised January 2014