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Teacher: Growth, Supervision and Evaluation


The Division believes that the growth, supervision and evaluation of teachers are key components in their effective performance.


Supervision is the formative process of helping teachers to do their job better. It is a process of observing, standardizing and reinforcing.

Evaluation can generally be defined as the formal appraisal of a teacher’s performance. In this process, sometimes called summative evaluation, reports are written and placed in the teacher’s file. In addition to recognizing merits and communicating performance expectations, the evaluation process may be used to make employment status decisions.


  1. In accordance with Alberta Education Policy 2.1.5, principals must implement the Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation administrative procedure that:
    1. Applies to all teachers unless otherwise stated;
    2. Provides opportunity for professional dialogue between the principal and teacher, and opportunity for teacher input and feedback on personal practice related to Growth, Supervision and Evaluation;
    3. Is consistent with the Teaching Quality Standard; and
    4. Is available to the public for viewing on the Northern Gateway Public Schools website under the School Division’s Administrative Procedures. 
  2. Teacher Professional Growth Plans
    1. Principals shall ensure that:
      1. All teachers complete an annual professional growth plan that: 
        1. Reflects goals and objectives based on an assessment of learning needs by the individual teacher;
        2. Shows a demonstrable relationship to the Teaching Quality Standard; and
        3. Takes into consideration the goals and education plans of the school and the Division. 
      2. Teachers submit for review or approval at a time specified by school procedure their professional growth plan to the Principal or a group of teachers delegated by the Principal, if such a delegation is provided for in school procedure.
      3. School procedures address timelines and procedures for the review of completed teacher professional growth plans.
      4. If a teacher fails to submit an annual teacher professional growth plan by the specified date in school procedure the teacher may be subject to disciplinary action.
      5. Unless the teacher agrees, the content of an annual teacher professional growth plan must not be part of the evaluation process.
    2. Appendix II contains examples of professional growth plan ideas and/or programs. 
    3. Annual professional growth plan information is also located on the Alberta Teachers’ Association website. 
  3. Teacher Supervision
    1. The Principal shall ensure that:
      1. The supervision process is supportive and collegial, which assists       teachers to enhance their teaching knowledge, skills and attributes to the benefit of student learning outcomes; and
      2. The school supervision procedure:
        1. Is continuous and on-going;
        2. Is provided on a one-on-one basis which does not preclude peer support;
        3. Provides for the opportunity for joint identification of areas to be supervised;
        4. Is provided for all teaching staff;
        5. Is developmental, taking into account the teacher’s professional maturity, thus choosing the most appropriate supervisory orientation; and
        6. Is conducted in an atmosphere of trust. 
  4. Teacher Evaluation
    1. The evaluation of a teacher by a Principal may be conducted:
      1. Upon the written request of a teacher;
      2. For purposes of gathering information related to a specific employment decision (a recommendation by a Principal that a teacher be issued a permanent professional teaching certificate or be offered a continuing contract must be supported by findings of two (2) or more written evaluations of the teacher);
      3. For purposes of assessing the growth of the teacher in specific areas of practice, and
      4. When, on the basis of information received through supervision, the Principal has reason to believe that the teaching of the teacher may not meet the Teaching Quality Standard.
    2. On initiating an evaluation, the Principal must communicate explicitly to the teacher:
      1. The reason for and purpose of the evaluation;
      2. The process, criteria and standards to be used;
      3. The timelines to be applied; and
      4. The possible outcomes of the evaluation.
    3. Upon completion of the evaluation
      1. The Principal must provide the teacher with an evaluation report. 
      2. The teacher is provided the opportunity to respond in writing on the evaluation report in the sections entitled:  Teacher’s Professional Response on Personal Practice related to Essential Criteria, Teacher’s Reflections on Personal Practice related to Essential Criteria, and Teacher’s Reflections on Professional Goals and Activities to be Addressed.
      3. A copy of the completed evaluation report will be placed in the teacher’s personnel file.
    4. Where, as the result of an evaluation, a Principal determines that a change in behavior or practice of a teacher is required, the Principal must provide to the teacher a notice of remediation and may stipulate that the remediation strategies stated in that notice replace the obligation of the teacher to develop and implement an annual professional growth plan.
    5. The Principal’s actions, procedures, judgment and decision will be directed by the best educational interests of the student, a fair and consistent application and the principles of fundamental justice and due process.
  5. Reporting to the Public 
    1. This Administrative Procedure 422 Teacher:  Growth, Supervision and Evaluation can be found on the Northern Gateway Public Schools website.


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Revised July 2015