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Appendix I - Teaching Quality Standard


Quality teaching occurs when the teacher’s ongoing analysis of the context, and the teachers’ decision about which pedagogical knowledge and abilities to apply result in optimum learning by students.

Descriptors of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Related to Permanent Certification

  1. Teachers’ application of pedagogical knowledge, skills and abilities is based in their ongoing analysis of contextual variables.
  2. Teachers understand the legislated, moral and ethical frameworks within which they work.
  3. Teachers understand the subject disciplines they teach.
  4. Teachers know there are many approaches to teaching and learning.
  5. Teachers engage in a range of planning activities. 
  6. Teachers create and maintain environments that are conducive to student learning.
  7. Teachers translate curriculum content and objectives into meaningful learning activities.
  8. Teachers apply a variety of technologies to meet students’ learning needs.
  9. Teachers gather and use information about students’ learning needs and progress.
  10. Teachers establish and maintain partnerships among school, home and community, and within their own schools.
  11. Teachers are career-long learners.

Source:    Teaching Quality Standard Applicable to the Provision of Basic Education, School Act, Government of Alberta, June, 1997 


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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Certification of Teachers Regulation 3/99 (Amended A.R. 206/2001)

Practice Review of Teachers Regulation 4/99

Teaching Quality Standard – Ministerial Order 016/97

Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy 2.1.5

Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12 

June 2008