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Appendix II - Professional Growth Plans


  1. Growth plans focus on the professional growth of teachers so that they can better help students learn. Growth plans do not take the place of school or jurisdiction in-service, nor are growth plans intended to remediate deficiencies in teaching skills or knowledge. The key regarding growth plans is that they are to be goal orientated, be specific and have measurable outcomes.
  2. An annual teacher professional growth plan:
    1. May be a component of a long-term multi-year; or
    2. May consist of a planned program of supervising a student teacher or mentoring a teacher.
  3. Other types of programs of growth could include:
    1. Attending a series of professional development activities that enhance their understanding of the disciplines they teach or the methods that are effective in those disciplines;
    2. Engaging in a program of professional reading to enhance their knowledge of the disciplines they teach or the methods that are proven to be effective in those disciplines;
    3. Engaging in specified volunteer activities in the school and community to create and enhance partnerships among teachers, parents and students;
    4. Becoming well versed in a particular technology that will enhance their abilities to meet the learning needs of their students;
    5. Engaging in the development of curriculum, projects, or publications that will enhance their abilities to meet the learning needs of their students;
    6. Engaging in a program whereby they share a specific form of expertise with other teaching staff so that the effectiveness of the learning experience for all students within the school or Division is enhanced;
    7. Engaging in a program of student assessment in which they gain a better understanding of assessment strategies;
    8. Working in collaboration with teaching staff and/or the School Council to improve student achievement within the school; or
    9. Participating in an exchange program with teachers within the school, Division, province or in other countries.
  4. Annual Professional Growth Plan information is located on the Alberta Teachers’ Association website.


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