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Reduction of Teaching Positions


The Board may reduce the number of teachers employed by the Division.


  1. The Superintendent will ensure that reduction selections are based on program needs. The following factors may result in a change in program needs:
    1. New and/or revised curriculum;
    2. Shifts in student enrolment;
    3. Financial restrictions;
    4. School closure or grade discontinuation; and
    5. Other reasons which the Superintendent deems relevant.
  2. The Deputy Superintendent shall first attempt to reduce teaching positions through attrition, leaves of absence, or change in employment status.
  3. The selection of teaching personnel to be terminated can be limited to the school or site where reduction is necessary, except:
    1. In cases involving consolidation of student groupings from one school to another, where personnel to be terminated will be selected from the pooled staff of the affected schools; or 
    2. If all teacher personnel at said school or site hold a Continuous Contract with the Board, where personnel to be terminated will be selected from the pooled Northern Gateway Public Schools teacher personnel staff.
  4. If further reduction is necessary, the Deputy Superintendent shall reduce teaching positions in accordance with Administrative Procedure 425 Teacher Transfers.
  5. If further reduction is required, the Superintendent shall terminate Continuous Contracts, considering, not ranked in order:
    1. Academic qualifications;
    2. Relative performance; and
    3. Seniority with the School Division.


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Employment Standards Code

Board Policy 14 – Hearings on Teacher Transfers

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised February 2020

Revised January 2012