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Support Staff: Growth, Supervision and Evaluation


The Division believes that the growth, supervision and evaluation of support staff are key components in their effective performance


Supervision is the formative process of helping staff do their jobs better. It is the process of observing, listening, clarifying, encouraging, presenting, problem solving, negotiating, demonstrating, directing, standardizing and reinforcing.

Evaluation can generally be defined as the formal appraisal of a staff member’s performance. In this process, sometimes called summative evaluation, reports are written and placed in the staff member’s file. In addition to recognizing merits and communicating performance expectations, the evaluation process may be used to make employment status decisions.


  1. All support staff are expected to engage in a continuous process of developing their knowledge, skill and attributes to meet the requirements of their assigned duties and the Northern Gateway Public Schools’ Support Quality Standards.
  2. It is expected that principals and site supervisors will contribute to the success of staff growth by collaboratively developing and implementing a school or site procedure on growth, supervision and evaluation 
  3. Principals and site supervisors will develop and implement a school or site procedure for support staff growth, supervision and evaluation that:
    1. Applies to all support staff;
    2. Provides a review mechanism;
    3. Is consistent with the Northern Gateway Public Schools’ Support Staff Quality Standards; and
    4. Is readily available to the public.
  4. Support Staff Growth Plans
    1. A Principal/site supervisor shall ensure that all support staff members are responsible for completing an annual growth plan that:
      1. Reflects the goals and learning needs of the individual staff member 
      2. Shows a demonstrable relationship to the Northern Gateway Public Schools’ Support Staff Quality Standard and the individual’s job/role description; and
      3. Reflects the goals and education plans of the school/site and Division.
    2. All staff members must submit for review and approval, at a time specified by the school or site, their annual growth plan to the Principal, site supervisor or designated supervisor.
    3. Schools or sites must address timelines and procedures for the review of completed growth plans.
    4. Appropriate resources and support are identified and provided.
    5. Unless the staff member agrees, the content of an annual growth plan shall not be used as part of the evaluation process.
  5. Support Staff Supervision 
    1. The Principal/site supervisor shall ensure that the supervision process is supportive and collegial, and assists staff to enhance their knowledge, skills and attributes relative to their assigned duties and responsibilities; 
    2. The school and site supervision procedure must include the following: 
      1. Is developmental, continuous and on-going; 
      2. Is provided on a one-on-one basis which does not preclude peer support; 
      3. Provides the opportunity for joint identification of areas to be supervised;
      4. Is provided for all support staff; and 
      5. Is conducted in an atmosphere of trust. 
  6. Support Staff Evaluation 
    1. The evaluation of a support staff member by a Principal or site supervisor shall be conducted under the following conditions:
      1. Near the end of a probationary period, for the purposes of gathering information related to a specific employment decision; 
      2. Upon the written request of a staff member;           
      3. For the purposes of assessing the growth of a staff member in specific areas of practice; and 
      4. When, on the basis of information received through supervision, the Principal/site supervisor has reason to believe that the employee is not meeting the Northern Gateway Public Schools’ Support Staff Quality Standard or fulfilling the duties/responsibilities identified in his/her role/job description. 
    2. On initiating an evaluation, the Principal or site supervisor shall explicitly communicate to the staff member: 
      1. The reason for and purpose of the evaluation; 
      2. The process, criteria and standards to be used; 
      3. The timelines to be applied; and 
      4. The possible outcomes of the evaluation.
    3. Within ten (10) working days, upon completion of the evaluation, the Principal or site supervisor will provide the staff member with a completed evaluation report, and place a copy in the support staff member’s personnel file.
    4. When, as a result of an evaluation, a Principal or site supervisor determines that a change in behaviour or practice of a support staff member is required, the Principal or site supervisor will provide the support staff employee a Notice of Remediation. The Notice of Remediation will explicitly:
      1. Identify those areas of an employee’s performance that are failing to meet the Northern Gateway Public Schools’ Support Staff Quality Standard and/or the expectations described in the employee’s job description; 
      2. Require the employee to develop and implement a Plan for Remediation that addresses the identified areas where performance is deficient; 
      3. Indicate the timeframe within which remediation must occur; and
      4. Identify the possible outcomes of failure to remediate.
    5. The Principal’s or site supervisor’s actions, procedures, judgment and decision will be directed by:
      1. Fair and consistent application; and
      2. The principles of fundamental justice and due process.
  7. Review Mechanism
    1. A support staff member may appeal an evaluation for content and/or for procedure.
    2. Such an appeal, including the reasons for the appeal, shall be made in writing to his/her immediate supervisor.
    3. If the matter is not resolved with the immediate supervisor, the staff member may appeal the evaluation report in writing to the Deputy Superintendent within two (2) weeks of receiving the evaluation report.
    4. The appeal must contain the specific concerns regarding the evaluation report or process and the staff member shall provide the immediate supervisor with a copy of this appeal.
    5. Upon receipt of such a request, the Deputy Superintendent will review the appeal within two (2) weeks. 
    6. If the Deputy Superintendent chooses to uphold the appeal, then he/she will assign a mutually acceptable person to conduct a re-evaluation but if agreement cannot be reached, the Deputy Superintendent shall select the person to conduct the re-evaluation. 
    7. The procedures for re-evaluation shall conform to the procedures of a summative evaluation and shall be subject to the rules of natural justice.
    8. Other than an appeal directly to the Board, the decisions resulting from the above process are final.


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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


June 2008