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Volunteer Supervisors and Coaches


The division recognizes that students benefit from opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities.  Although division employees are the preferred choice to lead such activities, the use of adult volunteers as supervisors and coaches may be a necessary alternative to allow such activities to proceed.  Ensuring a safe and caring environment for students shall be the primary consideration in the selection and use of volunteers for extracurricular activities, in accordance with the following.


  1. The principal shall be responsible for the selection and approval of volunteers, the establishment of roles and responsibilities, supervision and maintenance of ongoing communication between the school and the volunteer.
  2. The Principal must determine that the volunteer coach possesses a level of expertise related to the activity that they will be involved with. All volunteer coaches and supervisors shall complete the Volunteer Supervisor/Coach Registration Form and the Declaration of Confidentiality. Both forms are available at all division schools. Completed forms shall be kept on file at the school, to be updated annually, or as necessary. 
  3. For purposes of screening and selection of volunteer supervisors/coaches, the principal and/or teacher designate shall personally interview prospective volunteers, conduct reference checks where appropriate, and require the successful applicant to provide a recent Criminal Record Check (CRC) (issued within the past three months). 
  4. Volunteer supervisors and coaches will be required to provide a CRC, which will be kept at the school site. Volunteers, supervisors and coaches will be required to provide an updated CRC if there is a change in their criminal record status. 
  5. The principal shall inform parents prior to the commencement of the activity if a volunteer(s) will be coaching or supervising students without the assistance of a teacher.
  6. When a volunteer has been approved to look after a student activity, the principal shall ensure that the following issues are discussed, where applicable, with the volunteer during a orientation session:
    1. Any school philosophy regarding the participation of students (i.e. selection, playing time, behavior expectations, etc.);
    2. Use of school facilities and equipment, including school security and building/facility access procedures;
    3. Supervision expectations;
    4. Discipline and referral procedures;
    5. Prohibited use of alcohol or illegal drugs while carrying out supervision responsibilities; 
    6. Communication with parents;
    7. Finances and fund-raising; 
    8. Transportation procedures; and 
    9. Accident reporting procedures. 
  7. Verification that the volunteer supervisor/coach has been involved in an orientation session shall be completed, signed and kept on file in the school office (form available at all division schools). 
  8. In addition to providing the approval for a volunteer supervisor/coach, the Superintendent may require additional supervisors to accompany the activity before allowing it to proceed (e.g. provision of both male and female supervisors for co-ed activities).
  9. In the event a school team coached by a volunteer reaches zone or provincial competition, the team may participate only if Alberta School Athletics Association (ASAA) regulations regarding teacher supervision are met. Unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent, supervisors assigned to supervise/coach for zone or provincial competition shall be employees of Northern Gateway Public Schools.
  10. Volunteer supervisors/coaches should be encouraged to avail themselves of professional development activities, specifically activities that will enhance their ability to deal with the needs of students involved in the activity (e.g. coaching certification clinics, first aid programs). Further, all volunteer coaches must complete the following ASAA online coaching courses with verification of completion required.
      1. ASAA Fundamentals of Coaching
      2. Concussion in Sports
  11. Costs associated with ASAA Coaching Certification programs may be covered by school site budgets.


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Revised May 2012