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Annual Budget Development


The Division believes in following a defined process in developing the Division’s annual budget.


  1. The Board will establish annual budget priorities in accordance with the direction of the Division’s Three-Year Education Plan and the guidelines of Alberta Education’s Funding Framework.
  2. Budget development will include input from the Board, principals, site supervisors, staff, School Councils, and where appropriate, students.
  3. The best educational interest of students, together with the principles of fairness and equity, shall be the primary focus of all budget decisions.
  4. The Division’s budget shall be balanced.
  5. The Division’s budget shall allow for the establishment of a centrally pooled instructional services fund, after consultation with principals.
  6. Each year the Superintendent assisted by the Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare and present an annual budget for Board approval;
  7. The Division will fund schools at a level sufficient to provide quality education and shall require schools to develop a budget to implement appropriate programming.
  8. Sites shall develop budgets in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and within a standardized format established by the Secretary-Treasurer.
  9. All site budgets shall include accumulated reserves or deficits and shall be balanced.
  10. Principals shall expend their annual school allocation solely for instructional purposes as defined by Alberta Education.
  11. The Principal/site supervisor shall authorize all site expenditures.


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Revised March 2014