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Waiver of Fees


If any of the following situations applies to your family you may be eligible for a waiver of fees. 

  1. We receive assistance from Provincial Social Services. 
    1. Attach a photocopy of one of the following:
      1. A currently dated Social Services Benefit Card showing applicant’s and student(s) names.
      2. A current letter from Social Services verifying you are in receipt of assistance and the children listed are covered as your dependents. 
  2. We are low income but not on Provincial Social Services.
    1. Attach a photocopy of the following:
      1. The Alberta Works child Health Benefit card and the letter of confirmation of renewal for the current year – DO NOT send Alberta Personal Health Card. 
        1. Note:   Low income families who receive Health Benefits from other companies can still receive coverage through Alberta Works Child Health Benefits at no charge. For information regarding the Alberta Child Health Benefit program, please call 310-0000 then dial 780-427-6848 (toll free).
  3. We are Government Sponsored conventional Refugees.
    1. Attach a photocopy of both of the following:
      1. Parent(s) “Confirmation of Residency” papers indicating Conventional Refugee
      2. A current Citizenship and Immigration cheque stub


  1. Complete an Application For Waiver of Fee(s) form (available at your child’s school and on the Northern Gateway Public Schools’ website). Use only one form per family listing 
  2. Attach the documentation indicated for your situation (applicant’s name must be on documentation). 
  3. Mail it to the address on the back of the form to the attention of the Secretary-Treasurer. 
  4. Applications without proper documentation will not be processed. 
  5. DO NOT attach anything else to your application, as it cannot be accepted. 
  6. Questions regarding the Application for Waiver of Fee(s) forms please call and leave a message. 
  7. To speak to someone in person, please go to the office of your child’s school. 
  8. In order to allow sufficient time to process your application for the beginning of next school year, it is recommended you submit it before June 1, 2018 of this school year. Applications can take up to six weeks to process.
  9. Parents who are declined a waiver of fees by the Secretary-Treasurer may appeal that decision to the Superintendent.  All appeals must be received within fourteen days of notification that the request has been denied.


Sections 16, 21.4, 23.3, 30, 39, 60, 113 School Act

School Fees and costs Regulation - Ministerial Order (#036/2017)

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised September 2017