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Acquisition, Inventory and Disposition of Property - Furniture and Equipment


The Division believes in an appropriate process to acquire, inventory and dispose of surplus or obsolete equipment, furniture and material.



  1. The Division claims sole ownership when purchases are made by the community (i.e.:  individual donations, school council, community service groups, etc.) and placed in the school complex or on the school property.


  1. Principals will annually review the inventory of equipment, furniture and materials in their facility to determine whether items are obsolete or surplus to the school needs. 
  2. When purchases are made, either individually or jointly, the school administration/site supervisor will record the transaction and notify the Secretary-Treasurer, providing a description of the asset as well as the serial numbers. 
  3. Principals and site managers shall maintain by video graphic recording a current inventory.  This recording shall be filed with the Secretary-Treasurer. 
  4. Principals and site managers shall prepare and submit to the Secretary-Treasurer and inventory of all school and site property valued at five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) or more per item.  The Secretary-Treasurer will maintain a central registry and place the necessary insurance on the asset.
  5. In addition to the video graphic recordings, all sites shall maintain current separate inventories for computers and other technology equipment, which shall include, at a minimum:
    1. Item name/description/model and serial number;
    2. Purchase date; and
    3. Purchase price.

Disposition of Property

  1. A list of equipment, furniture and materials no longer required by the school/site will be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer for review.
  2. Whenever feasible, furniture, equipment or materials of exceptional value will be disposed of by site transfer, public auction or sale.
  3. Revenues derived from the sale of surplus goods will be placed in the appropriate school or Division accounts.


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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised July 2015