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School Fund Raising


The cost of offering school programs shall be borne by budget allocations. However, the value of schools carrying out additional activities and projects, which require expenditures, is recognized.


  1. School Sponsored Fund Raising Activities: for fund raising activities sponsored directly by the school, the following applies:
    1. Student participation must be voluntary;
    2. Fund raising activities shall not detract from the curricular program;
    3. Fund raising activities must have adequate adult supervision and not place  students at risk; and 
    4. The purpose of the fund raising activities and the intended use(s) shall be made known to students and parents in advance.
  2. The principal is responsible for approving:
    1. All school initiated fund raising activities; and
    2. Official school participation in the fund raising activities of a charitable organization or registered society.
  3. The principal is responsible for submitting to the Superintendent as complete a list as possible by September 30 of all proposed fund raising activities and their intended use planned for the school year.
  4. Fund raising projects must not be held to supplement the school’s budget for required program materials and supplies.
  5. Fund raising projects are subject to appropriate accounting and auditing procedures.
  6. The Principal must approve use of the school name for fund raising purposes. 
  7. Fund raising Activities Sponsored by Charitable Organizations or Groups Registered Under the Alberta Societies Act: For fund raising activities sponsored by charitable organizations or groups registered under the Alberta Societies Act, the following applies: 
    1. Fund raising and canvassing initiated by a legally recognized society falls outside the Division or the Board.
    2. For schools participating officially in fund raising Activities sponsored by registered societies the following applies:
      1. Student participation must be voluntary;
      2. The activity cannot detract from the school’s curricular program; and
      3. The purpose(s) of the fund raising activities and intended use(s) must be made known to students and parents.


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Tax Act

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised April 2009