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Naming of Facilities


Naming a school, a portion of a school, or a school system facility is a matter that deserves thoughtful attention.


  1. The Superintendent shall authorize the formation of a committee for the naming of a school or a portion of a school. 
  2. The committee may have representation from the community at large, school administration, the local teaching staff, parents, and the students. 
    1. The community at large may include representation from the historical societies, senior citizens, or groups who may have an interest in being represented.
    2. Each representative group shall be limited to a maximum of two members.
    3. The committee shall determine the process that will be followed in soliciting input in the naming process. 
  3. The names considered shall: 
    1. Have significance for the students, parents and the community of the particular facility; 
    2. Be easily identifiable with the facility;
    3. Not be in conflict with the names of other facilities in the system, or surrounding districts; and
    4. Be appropriate in terms of copyright and trademark provisions. 
  4. Where possible, new facilities shall be assigned names before construction begins.
  5. The Board is responsible for approval of names of all Division-owned facilities.


Sections 60, 61, 113 School Act

Board Policy 2 Role of the Board

Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised May 2011