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Maintenance: Facilities, Equipment and Grounds


The Division is committed to providing safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing study and work environments for students, staff members, volunteers and the general public.


  1. The Director of Maintenance shall ensure that: 
    1. Facilities, equipment and grounds meet or exceed provincial and municipal code requirements;
    2. Unsafe and unsightly conditions are remedied as quickly as possible; and 
    3. A process for schools/sites communicating immediate, short term and long term facilities, equipment and grounds maintenance requirements is in place. 
  2. The Director of Maintenance shall develop a facility, equipment and grounds maintenance program which shall include:
    1. Minor maintenance and repairs to be conducted on an ongoing basis by maintenance and/or custodial staff; and 
    2. Preventative and routine facility, equipment and grounds priority list.
  3. Principals/site supervisors will utilize the electronic work order program when requesting any work to be performed or facilitated by the Maintenance Department personnel (i.e.  upgrades, small scale construction items, installations, replacements, relocation of furniture, etc.) and when requesting work that must be completed within a specific time frame or on a specific date/time (i.e.  setting up/taking down stages for Christmas concerts).
  4. Emergent requests affecting the health and safety of students, staff or building structure (i.e.  leaking roofs, temperature adjustments, plugged toilets, broken windows, etc.) are to be phoned immediately to (780) 785-3333 for prompt response and or action.
  5. The Director of Maintenance will develop an annual facility, equipment and grounds maintenance budget and communicate this to sites/supervisors.
    1. The Director of Maintenance, in consultation with principals, shall identify building and grounds deficiencies and desired enhancements and communicate these through the Superintendent or designate to the Board.
    2. As part of the annual budget process, the Director of Maintenance, in consultation with site supervisors and the Superintendent’s Office; will develop a prioritized facility, equipment and grounds program.
    3. Annually prior to March 15, the Director of Maintenance will receive submissions from Principals/site supervisors for consideration under the Infrastructure Maintenance and Renewal Program.  See Administrative Procedure 542 for more information.
    4. Major scheduled maintenance projects not funded under IMR (painting, playground maintenance, building renovations) will be contemplated within the facility, equipment and grounds program and budget.
  6. New Construction/Renovation Projects by Third Party Vendors 
    1. Projects for all sites must be submitted in writing by the school/site supervisor to the Director of Maintenance and the Superintendent’s Office for review and approval.
    2. The Director of Maintenance will ensure that completion of a location inspection, design a layout drawing and establish a projected project cost for each proposal submitted.


Sections 27, 60, 61, 80, 113, 116, 121, 195 School Act

Agreement on Internal Trade; Annex 502.4

School Buildings and Tendering Regulation 383/88 


Revised July 2015