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Security of Buildings


The Division has a responsibility to protect the community’s capital investment in facilities, equipment, furniture, supplies as well as protecting the confidentiality of educational and administrative files.  The Division will ensure that procedures and practices are in place that will ensure the security of all Division sites.


  1. The Division will ensure that school and other buildings are properly equipped with alarm systems that facilitate the security of the building (i.e. fire, intrusion, mechanical alarms).
  2. Principals/site supervisors will provide for the security of their building and ensure that access key holders are aware of proper procedures related to alarm codes, emergency procedures and confidentiality requirements of Division held documents. 
  3. A log book containing the names of entry keys to the facility and a description of the key (door, room, master, etc.) must be maintained at each facility. 
  4. Access keys and the associated right of access are non-transferrable.  Use of access keys beyond approved employees is permitted only by the school principal or Director of Maintenance. 
  5. If an employee breaches the security of a facility (i.e. lost key) the Superintendent may assess costs to the employee to cover time and/or materials required to remedy the breach  in security.
  6. If a non-employee breaches the security of a facility, the Superintendent may seek recovery of costs through legal action. 
  7. The Director of Maintenance shall work with principals to:
    1. Develop plans and strategies for maintaining secure access; and
    2. Ensure that contractual obligations established by the Division are met.


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Administrative Procedure 181 Video Surveillance


Revised August 2015