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Public Use of School Facilities


The primary purpose of school facilities is to support mandated educational activities and Division-approved activities.  After these requirements have been met, school facilities are to be made available for other uses provided that such use does not compete with existing community facilities designed for social, recreational or related activities.


  1.  Priority for Use of School Facilities.  The following order of priority will be used when determining use of school facilities:
    1. School or School Division sponsored activities.
    2. Community Use through an existing joint use facility agreement.
    3. Community Use outside of a joint use agreements for organization where membership is limited to school students (e.g. scouts, guides, 4-H, cadets, etc.).
    4. Community sponsored public service and non-profit activities.
    5. Approved privately sponsored non-profit activities.
    6. Approved for profit and commercial use.
  2.  Application for Community Use of Facilities
    1. Where a joint use agreement is in place, use of school facilities shall be booked in accordance with the terms of the Joint Use Agreement.
    2. For all applications for Community Use of Facilities
      1. The person or organization desiring the use of facilities must apply in writing to the school by completing the “Agreement for Public Use of School Facilities” (Form 547-1).
      2. Applications for the Community Use of the Facilities should provide adequate notice prior to the actual time the use is desired.  All agreements for public use of a facility are of a tentative nature until 30 days before the event, at which time the school shall confirm the booking.
      3. Any organization submitting an application to use facilities must appoint a member of the organization to act as its representative.  The representative shall be held responsible by the Division in such matters as arrangement of hours, payment of rent, possible damage and any other conditions set out regarding care and supervision of the facilities.
      4. Where applicable, the total damage deposit is due and payable to the Division upon application to reserve facilities.
      5. Public use of facilities are not approved in schools during Christmas, Spring/Easter Break or during summer holidays.
  3. Supervision and Custodial
    1. Adequate supervision for all activities must be provided by a designated individual representing any community, private or commercial user group using a facility.
    2. Custodial staff must be present in the school during public use.
    3. For community, private, or commercial use any additional supervision requirements shall be determined by the Principal at the time that rental use is approved.
    4. Keys to the school will not be distributed to any group.  The school shall be opened by assigned custodians.
  4. Administration of the Public Use of School Facilities
    1. Money collected for the rental of school facilities will be credited to the school account and the school will be responsible for costs associated with the rental.
  5. General Regulations
    1. Smoking is prohibited in all Northern Gateway Public Schools facilities and grounds.
    2. The following regulations apply to functions at which liquor is served in Division buildings:
      1. The Division may approve applications from staff, community organizations, and private individuals to hold such functions in Division buildings.
      2. A damage deposit must accompany the application unless a standing damage deposit has been established with the Division.
      3. In cases of staff functions a damage deposit does not apply.
      4. Damage deposit rates will be set annually by the Board.
      5. It is the user group’s responsibility to ensure that they follow legislation and policy/conditions for a Liquor Special Events License as per Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
    3. Rental shall be restricted to the areas set out on the application and immediate halls and adjacent washroom facilities.
    4. Fire regulations must be adhered to at all times.  Only fireproof or fire-resistant materials may be used in decorating.
    5. Requests for any adjustments or modifications to lighting, heating, or ventilating systems shall be made through the Principal well before the event.  Only Division employees or contractors hired by the division may make such modifications.
    6. The number of persons attending an event shall not exceed the number posted for each gymnasium for various events.
    7. School facilities shall not be booked for use after 9:00 p.m. unless there are exceptional circumstances.
    8. Appropriate non-marking footwear shall be worn for sports activities in gymnasiums.
    9.  The Principal has the authority to designate when the school or portions thereof and its equipment may be used.
    10.  All user groups (including staff members using the school for non- instruction purposes) must complete Form 547-1 Facility User Group Application (including the section to request insurance coverage) and submit it to the Principal when requesting to use the facility.
    11.  If the proposed activity is considered to be “high risk” or “excluded from the Division’s Facility User Group Insurance”, according to insurance information in Form 547-1, the group must purchase liability insurance and provide the Certificate of Insurance with Northern Gateway Public Schools named as an “Additional Insured”.
    12. If the proposed activity requires the Instructor to be certified, proof of certification must accompany Form 547-1 in order to use the school.
  6. Use of School Facility Rental Rates/Fees:
    1. Classification of Activities

      Classification of Activities

      For Use of School Facilities


      Commercial Activities – activities to purchase, sell, barter or lease a product, goods or services with the expectation of profit.  Admission may or may not be charged.  Includes community activities to raise money other than for a school.


      Social and Private – functions such as banquets, birthday parties, church services, weddings, with or without bar facilities.  Includes meetings or private groups (where attendance is not open to the general public).


      Non-profit, athletic or recreational activities for youth or adults and organizations such as Girl Guides, Scouts, etc. or additional hours where Joint Use Agreements with Municipal and School counterparts exist.

    2. Rental Rates/Fees





      1 station gym $90/hour - $450/day max

      2 station gym $125/hour - $600/day max

      $40/hour - $200/day max


      1 station gym $80/hour - $400/day max

      2 station gym $100/hour - $500/day max

      $30/hour – 180/day max


      $32/hour - $180/day max

      $20/hour - $100/day max

    3. Specialized instructional spaces (video conference suites, Career and Technology labs, performing arts facilities and attendant instructional equipment) are not approved for community use.
  7.  Rental Charge Guidelines for Use of School Facilities.  Rental rates for gymnasia and classrooms for community recreation, private and commercial events shall be set annually by the Board.
    1. Hourly rates for school use are to be charged for the time the gym or classroom is being decorated or prepared by the user for use.  The time the room or gym is used for the activity, and the time required by the user to remove decorations or equipment after the activity.
    2. A damage deposit, as determined annually by the Board, shall be required to be placed on deposit with the Division prior to approval being granted for commercial or private use where liquor will be served.  The damage deposit will be refunded once the organization has paid any charges due.
    3. Any group renting the facilities may be assessed charges for cleaning ifadditional cleaning is necessary.  The Principal and Caretaker shall make the assessment for such charges.
    4. Any groups qualifying as joint use groups but falling outside of the available hours identified within that agreement will pay the set hourly rate.


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Board Policy 12 Role of the Superintendent


Revised August 2020

Revised April 2017