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Appendix I - Student Transportation Safety Procedures Rules for Students/Drivers



  1. Students must obey the driver promptly.
  2. Students are to sit properly in their assigned seats while the bus is in motion.
  3. Bus drivers may allow eating food on the bus.
  4. Students shall not operate equipment or engage in any noisy activity that may distract the driver.
  5. Students loading or unloading in rural areas who live on the opposite side of the road must cross in front of the bus and at least ten (10) paces ahead. Students must cross under the instruction and direction of the driver.
  6. In urban areas, students are to cross only at intersections or pedestrian crosswalks. Bus stops shall be arranged to stop in a place close to safe pedestrian crossover areas.
  7. Parents shall ensure that their children are suitably dressed for current weather conditions (proper footwear, outer wear, head gear and mitts). Students who are unsuitably dressed will be reported to the Principal.
  8. Students must be on time. The bus driver shall not be required to wait if students are not at, or near, the bus stop at the scheduled time.
  9. Students shall proceed promptly to their buses after school dismissal. Students who are constantly late and delay the bus shall be reported to the Principal or designated supervisor.
  10. Students who miss their homeward bus are to report to the supervisor.
  11. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed on the bus.
  12. Students shall not throw wastepaper or other rubbish on the floor of the bus or out the window.
  13. The following activities are prohibited:
    1. Unnecessary conversation with the driver;
    2. Extending any part of the body out of the windows;
    3. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages/narcotics;
    4. Profane language; and
    5. Smoking.
  14. Students are responsible for any damage caused by them on the bus.


  1. The School Act states that only a Principal has the authority to suspend a student from riding a bus. Therefore, bus drivers must understand that they do not have the authority to suspend the bus riding privileges of any student.
  2. Students who are inadequately dressed for weather conditions shall be transported to the school as usual. The driver is to report any such student to the Principal or designate, and make every effort to contact the parent or guardian to inform them that their child was inadequately dressed for the morning pick-up.
  3. Town students who do not have their bus pass shall be transported to school as usual. The bus driver is to report any such student to the Principal, and make every effort to contact the parent or guardian. The driver shall inform the parent that their child may be left at the school at the end of the school day unless the child has their bus pass or a note from the Principal.
  4. Bus drivers are in charge while students are on the bus.
  5. Bus drivers shall establish clearly defined guidelines/rules in relation to expected student conduct and behavior. They must effectively manage incidents and issues relating to student conduct and behavior while ensuring the dignity and esteem of the student is maintained. Drivers may employ special seating arrangements for students or groups who do not comply with these rules.
  6. Bus drivers will be provided a Day Timer at the beginning of each school year. This Day Timer shall be used to record:
    1. Notes regarding any student behaviors that require corrective action;
    2. Notes of conversations with parents/guardians;
    3. Anecdotal notes of student comments, actions or behaviors that are out of the ordinary but not necessarily requiring immediate corrective action.
  7. Bus drivers shall establish and maintain open communication with the parents/ guardians of children on their bus routes.
  8. If a child misbehaves or fails to adhere to bus regulations, parents/guardians shall be given the opportunity to assist in their child’s correction.
  9. Bus drivers shall contact parents/guardians as soon as possible after a behavioral concern occurs to inform them and provide them with an opportunity to become involved before a problem re-occurs or the situation escalates.
  10. Bus drivers shall report a student who violates any school bus regulation to the Principal as soon as possible and to the Director Transportation Services if the problem persists.
  11. Bus drivers, in addition to informing the parents/guardians, shall notify the Principal and the Director of Transportation Services as soon as possible in cases of continued student misbehavior or a dangerous or serious act of misbehavior. Drivers will be expected to complete the Student School Bus Discipline Form (Form 551-1) and provide the Principal with a copy of the form and copies of other relevant information recorded in their Day Timer.


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June 2008