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Appendix II - Student Transportation Safety Procedures Transportation of Equipment


  1. Musical instruments may be transported on a daily basis, providing that they are enclosed in cases and stored safely.
  2. Ice skates may be transported on a daily basis, but must be equipped with guards and carried in a closed bag. 
  3. Skis/poles, hockey sticks, snowboards, skateboards and folding scooters shall not be transported in the passenger cabin of the bus during regular bus runs.
  4. Where luggage or equipment is being transported in connection with authorized trips  and provision cannot be made outside of the passenger area, the luggage or  equipment shall be distributed throughout the vehicle, preferably under the seats, in such a manner that it will not: 
    1. Block the aisles or emergency exits, or 
    2. Be dislodged to move about the vehicle in case of a crash, application of the  brakes, or acceleration. 
  5. Ball gloves, clothing, books and school lunches may be transported on a daily basis,  but shall be handled in a responsible manner. 
  6. For the safety of all students on the bus, other items especially of a heavy, sharp or  solid nature shall not be transported at any time. 
  7. Transportation of animals of any kind on the bus is forbidden. 
  8. The Director of Transportation shall decide whether an item shall be allowed on a bus.


Sections 25, 45, 51, 52, 60, 61, 113, 117 School Act

Traffic Safety Act

School Bus Operation Regulation

Student Transportation Regulation 250/98 (amended AR 197/2000) 


Revised June 2009