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Grant Ineligible Transportation


Circumstances may exist where it is appropriate for the Division to provide grant ineligible transportation services.


  1. Safety Considerations
    1. Eligibility for transportation is extended to those ineligible students who would otherwise have to walk along a road with a posted speed of 60 kilometers per hour or higher, without the benefit of sidewalks. 
  2. Over Age Students 
    1. In exceptional circumstances, the Superintendent may approve transportation to over age students. 
  3. Pre-School Children 
    1. The Superintendent may approve transportation for children to attend pre-school programs in Division schools.
  4. Temporary Situations
    1. When, during the school year, a student’s residence changes to another school’s attendance area within the Division, and the student wishes to continue to attend the school in which he/she registered at the start of the school year, the Superintendent will approve transportation for the remainder of the year at no cost only if:
      1. The service does not significantly affect the pick-up times, or ride times of other students, and;
      2. Transfers, if necessary, can be arranged.
    2. The Principal or Director of Transportation Services may approve requests for temporary transportation of students provided that:
      1. The request does not disrupt services for other students;
      2. There is sufficient seating accommodation on the bus; and
      3. The bus route will not be altered to accommodate the request.
  5. Winter Yard Service
    1. The Division does not provide winter yard service.
  6. Exceptional Circumstances 
    1. The Director of Transportation Services shall deal with any other exceptional circumstances on an individual basis, subject to the approval of the Superintendent.


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June 2008