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Infrastructure Maintenance and Renewal Program


The Division receives funds each year through the Infrastructure Maintenance and

Renewal (IMR) Program in order to:

  1. Replace building and site components which have failed and pose health and safety problems for students and staff;
  2. Extend the useful life of school facilities and sites; and
  3. Maintain the quality of the school environment.
  4. Support building modernizations that do not exceed $100,000.00.

Specific examples of acceptable IMR projects include:

  1. Meeting all regulatory agency requirements;
  2. Providing a safe and healthy environment, including adherence to regulations made under the Alberta Safety Codes Act;
  3. Replacing failed building and site components;
  4. Preserving and improving the quality of the learning environment;
  5. Upgrading educational facilities to meet mandatory program requirements;
  6. Meeting the needs of disabled and special needs students; and
  7. Replacing or augmenting building components to improve energy conservation and to realize subsequent cost savings.

Schools may make submissions for consideration from IMR projects on an annual basis.


  1. Each year prior to January 31, principals/site supervisors will submit written requests for consideration from IMR dollars to the Director of Maintenance. 
  2. After reviewing and costing all projects that qualify for IMR consideration, the Director of Maintenance will consult with the Superintendent to develop an IMR work plan for the calendar year based upon available resources.
  3. The approved IMR work plan will be presented to the School Board then shared with principals and site supervisors no later than April 30.


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Revised December 2016