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Appendix - Task Hazard Analysis


Task Hazard Analysis

Task - Care of Human, Animal and Insect Bites

  1. Biological
    1. Specifics - Exchange of body fluid
    2. Possible Consequences - Infection, Disease


  1. Report human and animal bites on an Accident Report and First Aid Record Form. (When reporting, indicate if bite has broken the skin). Report severe insect bites and allergic reactions.
  2. Inform Principal if a human or animal bite breaks the skin. (Principal will contact Superintendent who will notify Communicable Diseases with Alberta Health Services if human bite occurs as well as Animal Control if bite from a canine, feline, ferret or any other rabies carrying animal occurs).
  3. Consult qualified First Aider for treatment. If first aider has open cuts or sores, cover prior to applying treatment.
  4. Be aware of allergic reactions.
  5. Wear protective equipment, if required (e.g., gloves, thicker clothing).


  1. Do not avoid reporting bite incident.


October 2015