Gateway Academy Summer Boot Camps

Explore your interests and earn credits in Summer Boot Camps!

Gateway Academy SUMMER BOOT CAMPS are back! Encouraging youth to explore and develop their skills and talents in hands-on educational camps over the summer!

Gateway Academy Summer Boot Camps offer unique, challenging, credit-earning experiences in Whitecourt and Onoway, for students currently in Grades 9-12! All courses will run at Hilltop Jr/Sr High School, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm. There is no cost to the student! Earn credits while you pursue your interests over the summer!

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Week 1 - July 3 - 7, 2018 at Hilltop Jr/Sr High School

Medical Minds (2 Credits)

Take a journey through the health are system and explore the multitude of careers available. Students will receive standard 3-year First Aid and CPR Certification offered by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Course includes hospital and fire hall tours.

Let’s Redline your Automotive Knowledge (3 Credits)

Students will develop an increased awareness of automotive technology and will gain the knowledge and skills to service a vehicle. Upon completing
the camp students will be skilled in using specialized equipment.

Website / App Development (5 credits)

Developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers. Students will develop a mobile app and software application.

Learners Permit Preparation (1 credit)

It takes study and practice to be a safe driver. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the Learners permit exam from this course. This camp will prepare students seeking to obtain an Alberta Class 7 learner driver’s licence permit.

“Cooking with Class” Culinary Arts (3 credits) 

Students will learn to cook meals from around the world and will earn their Safe Food Handling Certification.

So you want to be Millionaire! (3 credits)

Students will learn about money management and personal wealth. This course will be taught by finance professionals. Course includes a number of financial simulations.

Industrial Safety Certification (5 credits)

In partnership with Northwest Fire, students will earn industry recognized 3-Year certification in the following:

• H2S Alive
• Confined Spaces
• Detection and Control of Flammables
• WHMIS 2015
• Ground Disturbance
• Fall Protection
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• Fire extinguisher
• Flagging
• Ladder Safety

Exploring the World of Travel (3 credits) 

Discover the possibilities of the hotel industry through the eyes of a tourist. Learn how to work and travel and develop a personal travel plan. Taught in partnership with Holiday Inn Express and Timber Ridge Inn and Suites.

Forestry (3 credits)

In partnership with local companies students will learn about various careers in the forestry industry.

Week 2 - July 9 - 13, 2018 at Hilltop Jr/Sr High School

Policing and Justice Studies (3 credits) 

In partnership with the RCMP, students will learn about policing and the justice system: 

• roles and responsibilities in the police service
• Current policing trends
• Crime reporting and tracking
• Careers in the Criminal Justice System

Next Great Entrepreneur (3 credits)

Students will learn what it takes to start, develop and operate their own business.

Aesthetics with Evelyn Charles (3 credits)

Students will explore the world of aesthetics including manicures, professional make-up application and colour theory.

Medical Minds (2 credits)

Take a journey through the health care system and explore the multitude of careers available. Students will receive standard 3-year First Aid and CPR Certification offered by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Course includes hospital and fire hall tours.

X-Treme Robots (3 credits)

Students will integrate robot control language to design, develop, implement and debug robotic programs. They will employ standards for structural programming constructs and simple data structures. Students will also gain a general understanding of robot and robots environment, employ procedural programming techniques and fundamental data structures. They will learn how to analyze, modify and debug robots.

Sweets and More Sweets Baking (3 credits)

An introduction into the sweet world of baking. Designed for beginning bakers. Learn baking fundamentals including the science and chemistry behind your favorite treats.

Movie Making Magic (3 credits)

Learn to shoot video on a smart phone or tablet - and later use fundamental concepts of visual story telling combined with the technical skills involved in shooting, acting and directing.

Motorcycle Mechanic (3 credits)

Students will learn about small engine technology and develop skills and knowledge required to service ATVs and motorcycles. 

2 - week camps - July 3 - 13, 2018 at Hilltop Jr/Sr High School

Exploring Trades - Construction (5 credits)

Explore a career in construction trades. Students will gain knowledge of tools, materials, product management, framing systems, floor, wall and roof structures, doors, windows and siding installation.

Yoga for the Mind and Body (3 credits)

Students will experience the health benefits of yoga while developing their well-being and personal management skills which will assist them in balancing their school, work, relationships and other life priorities. Required materials: a yoga mat and appropriate clothing for physical activity.

"Art in Nature" (5 credits)

Students will gain increased knowledge of the fine arts and an understanding of different types of art. Students will create a wide variety of art.

Gaming, IT Tech School and Cisco Networking (5 credits)

Students will develop a working knowledge of how computers and mobile devices operate, learn to identify common security threats and apply skills and procedures to install, configure and trouble shoot computers, mobile devices and software.

RAP, Registered Apprenticeship Program (1 credit for every 25 hours worked)

Start your future now. Are you interested in the trades? RAP students are both full-time students and registered apprentices dividing their time between an approved work-site and their high school studies. 

Work Experience (1 credit for every 25 hours worked)

Are you planning on getting a summer job? You can receive high school credits while you are working. Note: HCS3000 must be completed prior to starting placements.

Expand your Camp Experience! Combine 2 camps to enhance your learning experience. The following courses pair well together! For example:

Cooking with Class / Sweets and More Sweets Baking
So you want to be a Millionaire! / Next Great Entrepreneur
Let’s Redline your Automotive Knowledge / Motorcycle Mechanic