Busing and Transportation

NGPS provides school bus service to eligible Kindergarten (ECS) to Grade 12 students who require transportation to and from their designated NGPS school, as well as to eligible ECS to Grade 12 students from Living Waters Catholic School Division in Whitecourt and Holy Family Catholic School Division in Valleyview. That's just over 3,500 students transported safely to and from school each day!

Do you require busing? Please read through our topics below, before you apply.

Apply for Busing

There are no Bus Fees for students who live more than 2.4 km away from their designated school (proof of primary address is required).

Students who live less than 2.4 km away from their designated school, can access busing at the following annual costs:

Student under 2.4 km $371 per child
Kindergarten Half Time student $185 per half day per child
Kindergarten Full Time $371 per child
Family Rate $927 (3 or more children)

Supplemental Bus Service - Alternate Seat Placement

$200 per child (this is in addition to the regular single seat placement fee of $371 for students who live under 2.4 km from their designated school, for a total cost of $571)

There is no regular single seat placement fee for students who live over 2.4 km from their designated school; however, students who do reside more than 2.4 km from their designated school, and who wish to access Supplemental Bus Service (alternate seat placement), will be charged the Supplemental Bus Service Fee of $200 per child.

Kindergarten Half Time - Alternate Seat Placement

$100 per child (this is in addition to the regular single seat placement fee for Kindergarten half time students of $185 per regular daily ECS rate, for a total cost of $285)

Family Rate - Alternate Seat Placement

$500 (3 or more children)

Replacement Bus Pass $6 per pass

* All measurements for distance calculations will be determined by district Routing Software.

For any questions regarding bus fees, please contact the Transportation Department at transportation@ngps.ca, Toll-free at 1-800-262-8674, or directly at 780-778-2800.

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Supplemental Busing Service option available for 2022-23 School Year

Based on requests for additional transportation services, NGPS will consider single, alternate seat placements, for a fee, according to the following conditions:

Board Policy 18, Student Transportation Services Supplemental Busing

10.1   Supplemental busing services may be available at an additional fee for students who are accessing an additional service to/from an alternate address, provided: 

10.1.1   There is space available on the bus; and, 

10.1.2   There is no significant diversion from regular routing that would impact cost effectiveness or ride time; and, 

10.1.3   Parents/guardians have paid a fee for service.

This alternate seat placement option allows a student to access bus service to/from home, and from one, single alternate address (address other than their home address such as a day home or other service provider).

*Should Northern Gateway Public Schools or any of its school communities move to Re-entry Scenario 2, we will suspend this service until further notice.

The fee for Supplemental Busing: Alternate Seat Placement is $200 per child annually with an annual Family Rate (3+ children) of $500. This is in addition to the regular single seat placement fee of $371 per day, per child.

Access your Parent Portal with BusPlanner or visit busplanner.ngps.ca. This will take you to the Parent Portal home page. Click on Parent Portal, enter your email address under New Subscribers, check the 'I'm not a robot' box and click submit. Follow the prompts to set up a password and you are ready to go!


Sign up for SchoolCashOnline, or go to ngps.schoolcashonline.com. From the Home Page, click on Register to create an account. Follow the prompts to set your password and begin paying all your school expenses easily online! 



Bus Passes

All Whitecourt students require and use a bus pass. Passes are issued to schools in June and distributed to returning students accordingly. For new students, passes must be purchased online using the BusPlanner Parent Portal. Whitecourt bus passes are available for purchase online now using the BusPlanner Parent Portal. Make sure you're registered for busing first. 

Transfer Stations

Rural school bus transportation in the Whitecourt area will continue to operate as a single run design, with the addition of three, supervised Transfer Sites, at Hilltop Jr/Sr High School, Whitecourt Central School and Percy Baxter School.

How it works - rural buses will meet at the three supervised transfer sites after they have picked up all students. Students who attend school at the transfer site will disembark the bus and school supervision will begin. Students who do not attend school at the transfer site will disembark the bus and board (transfer) the designated transfer site school bus where they will be transported to their designated school.

Transfer Site supervisors assist students with disembarking from their rural bus and boarding their appropriate transfer bus at all three Transfer Sites. Additionally, Whitecourt students will have a distinct color-coded bus pass with their name and busing information.

Whitecourt Transfer Site Guide

Whitecourt Bus Routes and Timetable

For any questions regarding bus transportation, bus routes or pricing please contact the Transportation Department via email at transportation@ngps.ca, toll-free at 1-800-262-8674 or directly at 780-778-2800.

At Northern Gateway Public Schools, we are committed to providing welcoming, safe, caring and respectful learning environments for all students and that starts the moment a child boards an NGPS bus in the morning.

For information on School Bus Transportation under Scenario 1, in-school classes with health measures, please see our Busing Information for Re-entry page.

For general information on bus safety please also see: