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Communications Services

Lisa Bakos, Communications Officer

Lisa Bakos, Communications Officer

Responsible to the Deputy Superintendent

Fosters honest, open communication between the Division and its internal and external stakeholders. Supports the Board of Trustees, Superintendent's Office and Schools through crisis communication, media relations, management and production of the Division's publications, website and social media outlets, and promotion of the Division's programs and initiatives.


Lisa Bakos, Communications Officer
780.778.2800, Extension 304

Twyla Lesko, Communications Designer
780.778.2800, Extension 305

  • High-level communication support, working extensively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Communication tactics that are responsive, transparent, and aligned to the Division's strategic directions to enrich Northern Gateway Public Schools' credibility
  • Media and community relations
  • Branding and visual development
  • Social media and publications
  • Editorial services - feature/news/speech/position papers/columns
  • Graphic design and desktop publishing
  • Website development and maintenance